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Art Show Contest and Charity Auction

Art Show Information

The Art Show Contest is for finished art and projects, whether they be fan-based or original. We accept both two and three dimensional artwork done in the themes of Anime, video games, SciFi, Fantasy, and variations thereof (see rules for full list). Art entries range from 2D art styles: drawings, paintings, digital graphics, photography, etc.; to 3D sculptures (clay, wood, etc.), sewing/crochet (amigarum, plushies, etc), and various craft projects. Artists are invited to not only show off their work, but also to sell their pieces (a 10% consignment fee will be applied). All art will be voted on by the convention attendees and eligible to win awards and prizes for Best 2-D, Best 3-D, Best Junior, and Best of Show; there is also an award given to an art-piece chosen by one of our Guests. Artists aged 14 and under will be in the Junior category and eligible for the 'Best Junior' award. Voting takes place all through Friday and Saturday, so entering Fri does give a slight advantage. Entries are only accepted in person at the convention during art drop-off times.
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The Art Contest will be hosting a silent charity auction to raise money for breast cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Charity items are not part of the voting contest nor will the artist receive any money from sold pieces. ALL proceeds will go to the charity. Please email the Art Show if you would like to donate anything to the Charity Auction.

Art Show Rules

  Please read the rules before submitting to the contest.
Art Show 2015 Rules PDF



Thursday - setup/art drop-off: 8pm-9:30pm
Friday - art drop-off: 11am-1pm / Open: Noon-6:30pm
Saturday - art drop-off: 11am-1pm / Open: 11am-6:30pm
Sunday - Open: 11am-12:30pm / Sale pick-up: 1pm-2pm / Artist pick-up: 2pm-3pm


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