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Thank you for your interest in Anime Banzai 2014 Artist Alley.
The Rules and Regulations for Artist Alley can be found here.

All tables have been sold, and there is no waiting list.

Applications for Anime Banzai 2015 will open sometime in April.  Check here in March for an exact date and time.

Table prices for 2014 were:

Full table (2x6) - $90
Half table (2x4) - $75

The cost of a table includes weekend convention registration for one person and a temporary business license required by the city of Layton.  Prices in 2015 are subject to change.

If you have any questions regarding Artist Alley, feel free to email the committee head at

2014 Artist Alley

Artist Alley Map 2014

1 Lilycli
2 Arigatoupop
3 Startled Star
4 Unfurgettable Accessories
5 Kingholly
6 Awsm Items
7 Coffee At Midnight
8 Lyon's Den Crafts
10 Jinny Liang
11 The Pink Po'udo
12 Rezllen
12 Pengosolvent
13 The Pink Castle
14 Yanimator
15 Canis Ovis Arts
15 Bear
16 Benjamin Allred
17 Zzyzzyy
18 The Jist Co
18 Goldfish Co.
19 Julianne Whitney
20 The Zombie Nation
21 Emi Curtis
22 Kris and Emily's Shoppe
23 Katherine S Barcelo
24 Star Drop Creations
25 The Rabbit Tales
26 Cherry Limeaid
27 Caledonian Fairgrounds
28 Taylor Parkinson
29 Cosplay Scramble
30 Crimson Wonder
31 Death Taffy
32 Stacy and Stephanie Syndergaard
33 TerdBurgler

Questions about Artist's Alley?

Send an email to Artist's Alley head, at