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Welcome to the Cosplay and Craftsmanship contest page for 2014! Returning contestants should note that some of the rules have been updated in each contest.

Please contact us with any questions, and we're looking forward to seeing you in Banzai's 10th anniversary Cosplay and Craftsmanship Contests!

2014 Rules

  Cosplay Contest Rules 2014 • PDFDOC
  Craftsmanship Contest Rules 2014 • PDFDOC



2013 Winners

Alexis Tilton Bailee Schultz Colby Paul Amberlee Davies Aaron Roth
2nd Beginners Cosplay 2nd Masterclass Cosplay 2nd Beginners Craftsmanship Judges Award 1st Intermediate Cosplay, 2nd Masterclass Craftsmanship
Jenni Rhodes John Lewis Kelsey & Taniya Mills Mercedes Roberts
Judges Award Judges Award Staff Choice 1st Masterclass Craftsmanship , 1st Masterclass Cosplay
John Driessen Colby Paul
Judges Award, 1st Beginners Craftsmanship (Trena Driessen) 1st Skits
Renna Widtfeldt Ryan Brown Savannah Nicholes
1st Beginners Cosplay, 1st Intermediate Craftsmanship Directors Choice 2nd Skits 1st Intermediate Craftsmanship, 2nd Intermediate Cosplay
Matthew Walther Racheal Clark
Most Outside the Box Award Judges Award 2013 Awards

2012 Winners

Here are pictures of just a few of our 2012 Winners!  We're already looking forward to  what we'll see in 2013!

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