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2014 Contest

For Anime Banzai’s 10th Anniversary Ban and Sai are looking for an artist that can give them a permanent look. Something that will stand the test of time and that will represent Anime Banzai, regardless of what theme is selected for any given year. For this contest you will not be competing against each other, but against quality standards and requirements.


Contest Closed

Contest Rules & Information

  • At least one version of Ban and Sai must be in vectored format.
  • At least one version of each separate character.
  • At least 3 different outfits and/or poses of Ban and Sai together.
  • All entries must be in digital format (ai, psd, eps, tiff, pdf ).
    You can submit extra traditionally done versions that are scanned, but for the required 5 images we must have clean, digital representations.
  • All entries, unless vectored, must be a minimum of 300dpi.
  • Color format must be CMYK
  • If you have backgrounds they must be on a separate layer.
  • All entries must be submitted as both color and line art.
    This can be the same piece if you are using a layered format.
  • Only one piece may be chibi.
  • The 5 required images must be full body.
  • (Optional) For T-Shirts: Artwork must be designed in Spot Color (No Gradients) and in Vectored format. Backgrounds encouraged, for more info please contact our merchandise department.

Information on Ban and Sai:

  • Ban - Blonde boy, sometimes seen with a Panda mask
  • Sai - Brunette girl, sometimes seen with a Fox mask
  • Both should be aged 16-25
  • Traditional or Contemporary Japanese fashion is suggested, but not required.

Grand Prize:

  • 1 Hotel room for 2 nights for you and 3 friends for Anime Banzai 2013 (Friday & Saturday).
  • 4 free passes for Banzai 2013
  • 2 Banzai T-shirts or 1 Limited Edition Banzai messenger bag
  • 1 poster print to announce the official Banzai mascots
  • 1 full table in Artist Alley
  • Additional Banzai merchandise TBD

All participants who properly provide all the requirements will receive one Anime Banzai T-shirt.

To enter send an email to with the following information:
Name, Address, Age, Phone number, E-mail Address you would like the shared account information sent to.

We will be setting up a sharing account for to be able to upload your images, since our email servers have had problems with large attachments in the past.

There may not be a winner chosen depending on the quality of artwork received.

Anime Banzai reserves the right to use the winning entries for any and all promotional purposes for the Anime Banzai convention and Utah Anime Promotions in perpetuity.

Ban & Sai Art Examples

  Ban & Sai

Examples of some of the items that need mascot art :

  • Web-page graphics
  • Posters
  • Advertising (Vectored art is much preferred.)
  • Coupons & Tickets
  • Badges
  • T-shirts & Other Merchandise
  • Convention Program Book
  • Certificates & Awards

Please remember: Submitting your art to the DeviantArt (DA) group does not count as submitting it to the contest. You must send the email to have your work considered for the contest.

If you have any questions or concerns about the mascot contest, please contact

Questions about the Art Show? Contact us!