Anime Banzai 2015 Date

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Second Hand Sale

Great Deals on Hard-to-Find Goods!

Join fellow fans to exchange used items at awesome prices — manga, anime, clothing, games, memorabilia, & more! From the mainstream to the off-beat, geekery from eastern Asia and around the world will change hands. In a new, larger space with expanded layout this might just be the highlight of your con experience!

The sale will take place for three hours on Friday afternoon. Browsing & buying are open to anyone with an Anime Banzai badge from noon until 3:00 PM. Sellers must register in order to participate so sign up today!


• You may sell items that are rated: G E EC E10+ K-A T TV-Y TV-Y7 TV-G PG TV-PG TV-14 14+ 15+ 16+ Teen
• You may sell unlicensed legal imports. This means doujinshi and raws straight from Japan are okay.

• You may not sell items that are rated: TV-MA TV-MA-14A TV-MA-14D R NC-17 X AO M 17+ 18+ Adults Only Explicit

• You may not sell unlicensed bootlegs or gray-market goods. This means no fan-subs, fan-dubs, scanlations, or illegal imports.

• You must display everything in a manner suitable to all ages. Everything has to look G-rated while on the table.

• You must check with Second Hand Sale staff before the convention begins if you wish to sell unrated items, self-made items, or items in bulk. If it is the night of the event, it is too late to ask!

• Three people per table, maximum. No Exceptions. This is per the fire marshal.

• You must be able to physically transport your own goods.
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