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Second Hand Sale

I'm ready to take applications for the Second Hand Sale. You can get a full table or a half table and it costs NOTHING! But you do need to sign up before August 31, 2015. We allow only licensed products to be sold, bootlegs are not welcome and you will be ejected if found with them. Also nothing with an M rating, those will be sent out of the room. there are 35 tables available and they will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so get yours soon. Email for more information. Thanks!


• You may sell items that are rated: G E EC E10+ K-A T TV-Y TV-Y7 TV-G PG TV-PG TV-14 14+ 15+ 16+ Teen
• You may sell unlicensed legal imports. This means doujinshi and raws straight from Japan are okay.

• You may not sell items that are rated: TV-MA TV-MA-14A TV-MA-14D R NC-17 X AO M 17+ 18+ Adults Only Explicit

• You may not sell unlicensed bootlegs or gray-market goods. This means no fan-subs, fan-dubs, scanlations, or illegal imports.

• You must display everything in a manner suitable to all ages. Everything has to look G-rated while on the table.

• You must check with Second Hand Sale staff before the convention begins if you wish to sell unrated items, self-made items, or items in bulk. If it is the night of the event, it is too late to ask!

• Three people per table, maximum. No Exceptions. This is per the fire marshal.

• You must be able to physically transport your own goods.
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