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Second Hand Sale

 The sale will take place on Friday evening, October 18th in the same space as 2012 and with a similar layout.  Here is the schedule:
  9:00 PM > Item Inspection & Seller Set Up
  9:30 PM > Sellers & Volunteers Shopping
  10:00 PM > Doors Open to Buyers
  12:30 AM > Sale Ends
  1:00 AM > Room Is Empty & Doors Are Locked

As always, the emphasis is primarily on anime & manga but any East Asian media or collectible item is welcome provided it meets the content restrictions. Other geeky items, such as collectable cards or video games, may be accepted on an individual basis. Please ask ahead of time regarding any item that is not clearly within the rules.

Small and large tables are available at 2x4 feet and 2x6 feet, respectively. Sellers may request multiple tables.

Anime Banzai 2013 Second Hand Sale Rules

1) To sell, you must sign up ahead of time 〓 no exceptions, not even for staff!  We need to know how many sellers are coming.

2) Three people per table, max.  No Exceptions.  If you need more people, you need another table.  The fire marshal says so.

3) You *may* sell items that are rated:
        G               E               EC              E10+            K-A             T       TV-Y
        TV-Y7           TV-G    PG      TV-PG           TV-14           14+     15+     16+     Teen
        We have to be strict about this due to Utah state law.

4) You *may not* sell items that are rated:
        TV-MA           TV-MA-14-A              TV-MA-14-D              R       NC-17           X
        AO              M                       17+             18+     Adults Only             Explicit
        We have to be strict about this due to Utah state law.

5) Unrated items must be cleared with the staff before the convention begins.  Please contact or ask on the forums.

6) You must display everything in a manner suitable to all ages.  So, basically, everything has to look G/E while it’s on the table.

7) You may not sell unlicensed bootlegs or gray-market goods.  Basically, this means no fan-subs, fan-dubs, scanlations, or illegal imports. However, unlicensed legal imports (raws straight from Japan) and original fanworks/doujinshi are okay.

8) You must be able to physically transport your own goods.  If you haul it in, you haul it out.

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