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Anime Dating Game:
Will it be Bachelor #1 or Bachelor #2? is it the anime boy or girl of your dreams, or maybe your dream date is a demon? No matter what your preference, get ready to find your special someone. This game is for all ages (You must attend try-outs to be a participant - see the Events > Rules & Try-Outs section for details).

COO-Interactive Entertainment presents: The 18+ Dating Game!
Watch fanboys and fangirls compete for a chance at true love and eternal happiness… in other words, they'll spend a few awkward moments trying to avoid eye contact with a perfect stranger. The Dating Game is an audience-participation event, with contestants drawn straight from the crowd to compete in challenges of physical daring and psychological audacity to impress potential soul mates. Due to the super-charged atmosphere and a loose hold on social standards, this is an 18+ event with photo ID required.

Banzai Brawl -Soul Eater Style (Insanity Brawl):
Come as a Meister, weapon, or something entirely different! Join the fun as part of 16 teams of two competing to collect 100 kishins and beat Death. Cheer on your favorite cosplayers in this single-elimination tournament, where the roll of the dice or the draw of the cards will determine a player's destiny in this insane game. (Pre-meeting attendance is mandatory for participants. Please also read the rules, located at Events > Rules & Try-Out Info.). Forum info is here.

Banzai Feud
Can you name the most used female name in Anime? Name the top seven characters from Fairy Tail? Do you have this kind of useless information stuffed in your brain? Then come and play Banzai Feud - Cosplay with Panache. This is a team game, and you must have FIVE players to compete, although you're welcome to pick team members from the rest of the audience as well.

COO-Interactive Entertainment presents: Battle Karaoke:
Gladiatorial combat, Karaoke singing, and trading card games; three things that have gone hand in hand since ancient times. Come join this high energy,high volume event which puts control in the hands of the audience as three teams battle for supremacy in a rocking showdown.

Cosplay Chess:
Cosplay Chess is an interactive cosplay-battle system, in which cosplayers are placed on a chess board in typical formation and are moved by the two players, to attack and die accordingly, until the King on either side is in checkmate or has fallen. Players wishing to play the roles of King or Queen will be required to try out. All pieces are required to come up with their own attacks AND deaths.

For more info on rules or trying out for King and Queen, please see the Events > Rules & Try-Out Info page.

COO-Interactive Entertainment presents: Dead Town:
The Outbreak has begun. Can you survive in a zombie-filled city gone mad? Dead Town is a cooperative experience in multimedia survival & horror. Work together, make decisions, kill zombies, and escape Dead Town… if you can. Powered by the Modular Adventure System (MAS), every session of Dead Town is unique - the outcome depends on the audience! (This zombie apocalypse is best experienced by participants 13+ with a desire not to be eaten.)

Don't Blink, Cosplay Style (Dr. Who Scavenger Hunt):
This year we will be hosting an interactive mystery, so get a team of your favorite anime Defective's together (no more than 5 people on a team.) Come and help Dr. Who solve the mystery of the Angels.

Volunteer Needed! - We're looking for a hardcore who-fiend to cosplay our beloved Doctor for this event. This volunteer needs to have some time before the convention to get with our staff to make a video. Please send an email to with "Doctor Who Scavenger Hunt" in the subject line if you're interested. (A photo of you in costume would be helpful too.)

Genkai's Strongest Disciple:
Do you have what it takes to be the Disciple of the Great Master Genkai? Are you brave, strong, and willing to be tested by the Master? Come and see if you're worthy of being her disciple. Compete in events that will be challenging - both mentally and physically. Beat out all of your contenders and acquire the Greatest Power of the Master Genkai.

Volunteers Needed! - We need help on Friday to help record times and scores, Saturday helping record scores for the video competition, and Sunday helping run the final challenge to see who will be the strongest disciple. Please send an email to with "Genkai's Strongest Disciple Volunteer" in the subject line if you're interested.

Karuta, Anime Style:
Karuta is a fast-paced card game that has been played in Japan since the Edo period and was traditionally played using 100 waka poems. Anime Banzai will break with tradition and do Karuta, Anime style using 100 anime characters, from classic to modern anime shows. So if you think you know your anime and you like to compete, this is the game for you.

Volunteer Needed! - How are you at pronouncing Japanese shows? If you're good, we need you to volunteer for the fast-paced game of Karuta. Please send an email to with "Karuta Volunteer" in the subject line if you're interested.

Memories On: Sound Bite Battle
Think you know your anime? Demonstrate your mastery in this team tournament of audio recognition! Music, sound effects, and dialogue from across the anime universe require your identification. Current and classic, popular and obscure, shonen and shoujo, sci-fi and slice of life: no matter what your taste, these memorable melodies are sure to ring a bell.

Pajama Party:
Join us this year for a late night of games and prizes. And remember to come dressed in your PJ's.

COO-Interactive Entertainment presents: Paranoia
“Attention Citizens and Visitors of Hermes Space Station! This is a regularly scheduled test of the Infestation Control Protocols. Do not be alarmed, this is only a test. In the event of a real Brain Worm outbreak, infected individuals would behave oddly and subversive acts of sabotage would occur. Citizens are directed to the appropriate pamphlets in event of an actual Brain Worm invasion. In other news, Mayor Cogburn died in a freak industrial explosion which occurred in his office. Security Chief Harris also passed away early today when his hover car driver accidentally drove through an air lock. Elections for their replacements will be held shortly. All citizens are reminded of their patriotic duty to the democratic process. Have a nice day.”

Paranoia is a social game of political intrigue set on alien-infested Hermes Space Station; where alien imposters are taking over the brains of its citizens. Make sure to be on time for the setup briefing.

Persona 4 King's Game
You didn’t bring anything to wear to the Ball? That’s ok, we have something for you to do! Forget about the murders in Inba, take a break from fighting monster, and join us for the King's Game: Persona 4 - Based on the hit video game and anime.

Persona 4 King's Game: 18+!
You didn’t bring anything to wear to the Ball? That’s ok, we have something for you to do! Forget about the murders in Inba, take a break from fighting monster, and join us for the King's Game: Persona 4 - Based on the hit video game and anime. Remember that in the world of the King’s Game, the King's Word is law! 18+ Event – Bring Your ID or Wristband!

Whose Line is it Anime
The comedy event where everything's made up, and the points are like the laws of physics in anime - They don't exist! Come for a show, stay for a show, leave if you walked into the wrong room by mistake. Hosted by Epic Fail and Guest, this improv event is performed by con-goers such as yourselves, including the audience. Come join us for a good time, or a fail so epic it's almost a win. Hope to see you there!

Are you into improv comedy, video games and anime? Then come test your mettle! Contestants must be 16 years or older, and come prepared to show of their improv skills by playing some games with the hosts of the show. Try-out for this event in the Zepher Room on Friday from 9:00AM - 10:30AM.

If you're interested in helping out with Events, or have a great idea you'd love to see, please let us know!

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Charity Auction

Do you have mad art skills? Would you like to help the convention raise money for Huntsman Cancer Research? Please visit our Art Show page for details.