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Banzai Red Carpet Awards
Cosplay Repair Station
Opening Ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies
Photo Booth

Banzai Red Carpet Awards:
This year we will be hosting a Red Carpet Awards ceremony and presenting the winners of the Anime, Fanfiction, Manga, Yumeiro Patissiere contests and more. Come show your support for Anime Banzai's talented guests and find out who Anime Banzai's favorites for the last year have been. Please email your choices to with "Red Carpet Awards" in the subject line.

There will ALSO be a kiosk setup at the convention to take your votes on Friday and Saturday. This will be located in the Horizon Lobby (the really BIG open space), just outside Card Gaming and near Main Events.

At the Kiosk, you can enter a contest - by identifying all the characters on the mural. The person who names the most characters wins! Ties will be decided by a simple ballot draw.

First Prize:
A Queen Emeraldas Ship valued at $200.

Second Prize:
A Mass Effect Ship (The Normandy) valued at $35.
Not bad...
Not too shabby!

These prizes will be given away at the Red Carpet Awards on Sunday, and you must be present to win - no exceptions.

VOTE BELOW. (You will need to be signed into the forums to vote.)
Submit your votes for each category here :

Best Comedy 2011-2012 (Please vote once on all 6 pages)

Best Action 2011-2012 (Please vote once on all 3 pages)

Best Sci-Fi 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Fantasy 2011-2012 (Please vote once on all 3 pages)

Best Historical 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Movie 2011-2012 (Please vote once on both pages)

Best Mystery or Horror 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Mecha 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Shounen 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Shoujo 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Romance 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Slice of Life 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Sport or Game 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Drama 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Best Ecchi 2011-2012 (1 Vote)

Cosplay Repair Station:
There will be a kiosk set up to help assist with minor costume tears and other con-related battle damage. This will be located in the Horizon Lobby (the really BIG open space), just outside Card Gaming and near Main Events.

Attention - Volunteers needed! We're looking for people to help out at the repair station. Shifts run 1-2 hours, and can be worked out in advance. Please send an email to with "Cosplay Repair Station" in the subject line if you're interested.

Opening Ceremonies:
Come help us get this party started, and find out what’s new at Banzai 2012! Enjoy live entertainment, and maybe walk away with a prize or two.

Closing Ceremonies:
All good things must come to an end, but come and join us for one last hoorah. Share the best of Banzai 2012 with your fellow con-goers, and get a sneak-peek of what 2013 will bring. (Stick around afterward for the convention feedback panel, as well.)

Photo Booth:
This year in the Cirrus Atrium (when it’s not being used for other events) come and take a picture with Death City (Soul Eater) as your background. You may also opt for a more traditional setting, such as Cherry Blossoms. Whatever your choice, come and memorialize your 2012 visit to Anime Banzai with a picture.

If you're interested in helping out with Events, or have a great idea you'd love to see, please let us know!

Contact info:

AnimeBanzai 2012
Convention Theme:

Japanese Mythology

Charity Auction

Do you have mad art skills? Would you like to help the convention raise money for Huntsman Cancer Research? Please visit our Art Show page for details.