Anime Banzai 2012 Date

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Rules & Try-Out Info

Anime Dating Game:
Try-outs will happen half an hour before the actual event, beinning on Friday at 1:00PM in the Zephyr Room. You will simply answer a few questions as your character.

Banzai Brawl -Soul Eater Style! (Insanity Brawl)
Teams of two will be pitted against each other in a single elimination tournament! Fast paced dice-rolls will determine the attacks, while the action is played out on stage! (Pre-meeting is mandatory for participants.)

  • At-con sign-ups for Insanity Brawl will be on Friday from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM in the Zephyr Room.
  • Because of time restraints, only SIXTEEN team slots are available! These will be given to the first SIXTEEN TEAMS OF TWO to sign up. Half of these (8 teams slots) will be given away ONLINE - see the deails below. The other 8 team slots will be decided at the convention! Either way, you must show up to the mandatory meeting on Friday evening at the convention.
  • If you do not have a partner, you will not be considered. If you have THREE, you will not be considered. Teams must be in pairs! (Exceptions CAN be made for "summons" or other creative elements, but those MUST be brought to our attention at the time of sign-up.)
  • If you have not signed up online, you must sign-up during the mandatory meeting on Friday evening at the convention. There will be NO exceptions. Stats will be decided at this meeting, and the rules will be outlined. If you signed up online, you should receive an email with details regarding the mandatory meetup to determine your stats. If you miss this, you are OUT. Your place will be given away to those on the waiting list
  • No physical contact with opposing players! Combat is THEATRICAL. No touching! Actual contact with opposing team may be considered grounds for disqualification from the tournament.
  • Weapons MUST be peace-bonded PRIOR TO stage combat. No un-bonded weapons will be allowed. Please pay a visit to the OPS lounge to have this done.
  • No functional projectile weapons will be allowed. (No, not even Nerf stuff, don't ask.)
  • No actual blades of any kind will be allowed.
  • Players MUST be in cosplay to participate. That's why it's battle cosplay! Please be prepared to tell us about the character you are cosplaying, as this will affect your stats.
  • Characters do not have to be from a fighting-type anime series or game to enter. It can be shoujo, shonen, seinen, video games, dating sims, etc. However, they *must* be from an actual anime, manga, video game, or other known fandom/series. No original characters, sorry! Both team members do NOT have to be from the same Anime/Video game to be in a team. Mix it up to your heart's content.
  • Since this is a "theatrical" event, please be prepared with creative attacks, blocks, and deaths (or victory dances) to perform on stage.

    You can find more Brawl information on the forums - go HERE.

8 team slots will still be available on-site at the convention! Best of luck to all our competitors!

Banzai on Broadway:
To sign up for Banzai on Broadway, please send us your entry by September 1st, 2012. Follow the directions below, and you too can be an Anime Banzai Star!


Please send all entries to with "Banzai on Broadway Entry" in the subject line. It should contain ALL of the following information:

  • Your name (if in a group, please include the member names and group entry name)
  • Name of the characters that will be in the number and the series, performance, or video game they are from.
  • A short description of your act (what you'll be doing, what songs you'll sing, etc.)
  • A copy of your music or audio. While it doesn't have to be included in the original email, you must get us the audio on or before September 1st, 2012.
  • There will be a rehearsal on Thursday night (October 18th). You must be available for this (with the possible exception of out-of-staters. please include that information in your email if it will be an issue.)

  • Whatever cosplay you are using should fit with the act you are performing (just being IN cosplay isn't quite enough. You should work to fit the song or act to your character. Having Naruto sing "The Phantom of the Opera" might be funny, but it doesn't really fit - unless you are altering the lyrics to better fit the character, in which case, that's totally fine!)
  • PG or below ONLY. Family friendly convention = family friendly acts.
  • Songs can be any language. Japanese, English, Korean, French, etc.
  • Be Animated! (No pun intended!) Act as your characters would, move as they would. It makes for a much more entertaining show.
  • We are on a timetable. Please keep your acts to 5 or 6 minutes at most.
  • Please make sure your audio file does not include any Digital Rights Management (DRM), or we will not be able to play it. No, we will not help you fix this. Google is your friend.
  • Entries are due by September 1st, 2012.
  • Have fun!

One final note: Remember that this is a PERFORMANCE, not a contest. We are here to entertain, not compete.

Cosplay Chess:

2012's theme is Kawaii vs Kowai - Please choose your costume accordingly. For instance, Van Hellsing, who is known for his dark ways and shadowy look and ways of killing would be on the Kowai side. And Sakura from Card Capture Sakura would be on the Kawaii side because of the cute and fluffy way she does everything. Cosplays are allowed but PLEASE try to fit with the theme. Have fun with it.

Cosplay Chess WILL be scripted. This means you will know who you are fighting BEFORE the game starts so you can script it out to your liking with your opponent. Not every piece will get the chance to attack, but every piece WILL die. Make sure to be prepared for this. When you attack or your "time has come", the board will be cleared so you and your opponent can act out your battle. Try to keep the battle under 30 seconds. Remember, the goal is to entertain the audience and have FUN.

Cosplay Chess King & Queen Try-Outs - Now Closed.

Some form of acting experience IS required, as this is a major part of the event. You can sign up as a pair OR as a group of four if you have an idea for rivalry? Tell us what your idea is and we'll go from there. Also, just a reminder, if you are a King or Queen you are NOT eligible for any of the prizes. Please keep this in mind.

If you do not make it as King and Queen, you will still be entered in the event as another chess piece. You may sign up as a pair, but note that people in fours will be given precedence as this makes a better show for the audience. Also note that people who fit the theme will be given precedence.

You will be required to come up with your own skit for the beginning and end sequences of the match (these skits must be pre-approved by Events.) Only the kings will be left standing, but the Queens will be pulled back on stage for the final battle. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me at :3

SIGN-UPS for Cosplay Chess are now CLOSED.

Whose Line is it Anime?
Welcome to Whose line is it Anime, the show where everything‘s made up and the points don’t exist! Join us for another year of hilarious improv games with an anime twist.

We will be having at-con Try-Outs on Friday from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM in the Zephyr Room. See you there!

Yumeiro Patissiere: Banzai Style!
Sadly, we've had to cancel this event because not enough people have signed up for it, and the deadline to do so has passed. We didn't want to completely remove it from the website, or our attendees would wonder what happened to it .

If you're interested in helping out with Events, or have a great idea you'd love to see, please let us know!

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AnimeBanzai 2012
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Japanese Mythology

Charity Auction

Do you have mad art skills? Would you like to help the convention raise money for Huntsman Cancer Research? Please visit our Art Show page for details.