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Micah Solusod

About Micah:

Don't let the ponytail fool you. Micah Solusod is actually a voice actor at FUNimation Entertainment. No joke.

Micah made his debut in the world of anime as the timid Malek Werner in Blassreiter, and was cast as the cool Soul Evans in Soul Eater shortly after. Since then, he has had the honor voicing a number of characters in other FUNimation titles such as Tsutomu Senkawa in Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Kazuki Makabe in Fafner: Dead Agressor: Heaven and Earth (movie), Kamui and Subaru in Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, Liszt Kiriki in Okami-San, Haruki Hishida in Rideback, Shion Imaki in Shangri-La, Ushijima Hiroshige in Corpse Princess, Thomas Wallis in Black Butler II OVA, and other various characters in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Darker Than Black II, Deadman Wonderland, Sgt. Frog, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Tower of Druaga, Initial D, Shiki, Baka and Test, and more.

On the days he's not trapped in a dark padded room, Micah works as a freelance artist. He is the lead illustrator for the group Painapple Teriyaki, and draws for the webcomic Ties That Bind. You can visit his website for more information.

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