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Rules, Codes & Guidelines

We all try to play nice, but there's always going to be someone who enjoys causing a commotion. That's why we have rules.

It's your responsibility to review the rules below, so you know what's allowed and what's not. Nobody wants to be kicked out of Banzai, or worse, earn a permanent ban. You can avoid that by reviewing the rules below. Included in the documents are general rules, convention center rules, hotel rules, guidelines for costumes & props, our dress code, photography rules and the convention liability policy.

Anime Banzai 2013 Convention Rules PDF | DOC

Cosplay Rules

Please review the rules, failure to read and understand the rules may result in your entry being dissqualified.

Rules are suject to change, please check revision number to see if you have the current rules.

Cosplay Contest Rules 1.2 PDF | DOC
Craftsmanship Contest Rules 1.1 PDF | DOC


If you have questions about your registration, please visit the F.A.Q or send or registration staff an e-mail. Please read the convention rules, and follow the dress code for your costumes to avoid having your badge taken away.


Rules Questions?

Please direct your questions to the correct departments.

General Questions

Cosplay Dress Code