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Panel Policies - What You Need to Know

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in running a panel at Anime Banzai. To help make hosting your panel as fun as possible, here’s what you need to know in order to submit a panel idea, along with what to do if your panel is accepted.

If you need to reach the Panels Committee, you can contact us by email at, or talk to us in person at the Anime Banzai planning meetings held at the SLC downtown public library. (See the front page of the website for dates and times.)

Panel Submission Process

To submit a panel idea, please use our online form. PLEASE NOTE: The online form is the only method to submit panel ideas.

All panel ideas will be considered and reviewed by the Anime Banzai Panels Committee. Please be aware that it can take time to review and consider panel registrations. If you have questions about where your panel may be in this review/approval process, send an email to

The content of panels must be relevant to Anime Banzai, Asian arts, or culture. Some popular categories are:

1. Anime fan panels
2. Japanese music and/or culture (including video games)
3. AMVs
4. Cosplay
5. Craft panels

If you have a question whether an idea will fit our content, please contact the Panels Committee.

A Few Notes on Panel Topics

Since Anime Banzai is a family-friendly convention, all panels scheduled before 10:00 P.M. should be suitable for attendees of all ages. Language and other content should be equivalent to “PG” or better.

Discussion of hentai or sexually explicit content is permitted ONLY at panels designated 18+, and all of your content must be approved by the panels committee after clearly being designated on the Panels Submission Form. Panels designated 18+ are scheduled after 10:00 PM and Anime Banzai Security will provide age verification. You must be 18+ to host a mature panel.

The SHOWING of hentai or other sexually explicit content is not permitted at any time.

Anime Banzai has a zero tolerance, no-bootleg policy. The display or use of bootlegs in panels must be limited to educating attendees about how to identify and avoid buying non-legitimate media, which includes fansubs, scanlations, and emulators. These instances must be mentioned in your submission form.

Panelists may not promote or condone illegal activities, including but limited to: drug use, underage drinking, or the violation of international copyright law (piracy or bootlegging.) Discussion of such topics is permitted only so far as they pertain to educating attendees about the perils of such activities and what impact such activities might have on culture, business, or fandom.


A typical panel is scheduled for 50 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes. If you run shorter than the time allotted, that is okay.

Panelists are expected to show up five minutes prior to their panel’s scheduled start time. They are also expected to end their panels ten minutes before the start of the next panel. This is to give the audience time to exit, and for a room clean up before the next panel audience arrives. For example - if your panel is at 11:00 AM: show up at 10:55 AM, run your panel, wrap up by 11:50 AM, and vacate the room by 11:55 AM.


If you’d like to attend any major events at Anime Banzai, please mention those events in your detailed panel submission. We’ll do our best to avoid scheduling you against those events, but we make no guarantees or promises. Please be sure to make your information as accurate as possible on both the Panel Submission Form and the acceptance email. Notify us of any concerns as quickly as possible so we can try to work out some type of accommodation. Bear in mind that our ability to work around your other obligations decreases as the panel schedule starts filling up - the closer to the convention we get, the less likely we can help.

If you have specific obligations such as volunteering for Anime Banzai in other areas, being on Anime Banzai staff, working for a dealer, having a table in Artist’s Alley, obligations on behalf of a company, or are participating in a major event (e.g. the costume contest) please make sure to specify those in the Panel Submission form.

Without exception, all panels covering 18+ mature content will be scheduled after 10:00 PM. This also means that we have fewer of these slots available. We’ll be checking IDs and/or wristbands at the door.

No Show Policy

If your panel is accepted, you’ll be expected to run the panel.

If for some reason you can’t run your panel, you must notify the Panels Committee as soon as possible.

After receiving a confirmation email that your panel has been selected for Anime Banzai, if you discover you cannot run your panel and you do not notify us, we will still consider you obligated to appear. If you do not appear and do not contact us, we will classify you as a “no show” and you WILL be banned from running any future panels at Anime Banzai. Exceptions may be made for emergencies, but only if you contact us as soon as possible.

Panelist Registration

All primary panelists must be a pre-registered attendee for Anime Banzai in order to host a panel. We will notify primary panelists as their panels are accepted so they can pre-register if they haven’t already. If you submit a panel idea after the pre-registration deadline (no exceptions will be made), you must be pre-registered for your panel to be considered.

Age Requirements

You must be at least 16 years old or have a co-panelist that is. No one under 16 may host a panel on their own. If you’re under 18, you may not participate in panels that discuss mature topics. No exceptions.


Every primary panelist at the completion of their panel qualifies for ONE coupon of 50% off a single Anime Banzai Merchandise Item. If you successfully run more than one panel, you (as the primary panelist) will qualify for a coupon for each one. Coupons need to be picked up immediately after the completion of your panel from a member of the Panels Committee (located at the Panels Check In at Anime Banzai.) Coupons for co-panelists are not available.

If you as a primary panelist host two panels in the previous year and at least two panels this current year, we will cover your pre-registration in advance. If you feel you qualify for this, you need to notify us at as you submit your panel forms. We CANNOT reimburse you if you have already paid for pre-registration, so all panel forms need to be submitted and arrangements made as far in advance of the pre-registration deadline (we cannot make exceptions to pre-registration deadline) as possible.

As a reminder, ONLY the primary panelist (the individual listed as the primary panelist when the panel is submitted, or the individual who becomes the primary panelist through arrangements approved by the Panels Committee prior to the convention) is eligible for the compensation noted above.

Note: Unless the requirements above are met and/or specific arrangements are already in effect, it is each panelist’s responsibility to provide their own admission to the convention.

Audio / Visual Setup

Some of our panel rooms are equipped with an A/V (projector) setup. These rooms must be requested on your panels submission form and are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. (Please see the scheduling section of the Policies.)

These rooms are pre-wired and include both overhead speakers and an overhead projector, accessible via either wall or floor hook-up access panels.

The video hookup uses a standard 15-pin VGA connector:

Public domain photo from the Wikimedia Commons.

The audio hookup provided is a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone connector:

Creative Commons photo by mafergo.

Note: We do not provide adapters. Panelists are responsible for bringing any necessary adapters for hooking up their equipment to ours. We only provide the hookups mentioned above.

Note: We do not provide laptops. If you need a computer to run a presentation, please secure one on your own and test it before the convention. We will not provide panelists with laptops under any circumstances.

Panelists are expected to ensure their equipment is working and learn how to set it up before coming to the convention. We and the Davis Conference Center provide support only in relation to our provided equipment.

Internet connections are NOT available in the panel rooms. The hotel’s wireless internet connection does not extend to the Davis Conference Center. Panelists needing resources from the internet should ensure that they have these saved to their computer beforehand, and they should ensure that they comply with our zero-tolerance for bootlegs policy.

Panelists shouldn’t assume that any piece of equipment will be available for use unless they specifically request it and we confirm that it can be arranged and available. If it is not requested, it won’t be made available to them at the convention. Please address any equipment concerns with us prior to the start of Anime Banzai.

Other Resources and Equipment

Except for the tech equipment listed above, Anime Banzai does not provide any additional equipment for panelists.

Panelists are expected to provide their own printed materials and other resources.

Panelists who arrive Thursday night for early pickup of pre-registered badges can test their equipment with panel resources (projectors, etc.) at that time. Please note that this is available on a "first come, first served" basis.


Anime Banzai accepts no responsibility for the content of panels hosted by its attendees, nor does Anime Banzai extend any form of legal protection to panelists. Panelists are wholly responsible for ensuring the legality of the content presented in their panels. Please see Anime Banzai convention rules for further reference.

Panelist Check In

Anime Banzai requires that you check in with a member of the Panels Committee at the start of the convention. See your acceptance email for additional details.

Attempt to Get Feedback

Anime Banzai will provide a method of feedback for convention attendees who attend the panels. Providing feedback is optional, and done on a voluntary basis. Attendees are not required to provide any feedback, so there may not feedback available for any given panel. If you recieve feedback as a Panelist, we will send you the comments after the end of the convention. We cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of feedback received.

Panelists are more than welcome to solicit feedback on their panel(s) on the Anime Banzai forums or other Anime Banzai social media sites.

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