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About the Podcast

The staff of Anime Banzai have wanted to have a convention podcast for some time now, but until recently we haven't really had the time or equipment to do so.  Now that we have the capability, we're happy to bring you an inside view into our staff and convention.

The podcast is run by Adam Bates, former head of our AMV contest (And creator of the popular AMV DVDs we used to hand out at the contest).  We at Anime Banzai thank him for his technical expertise, use of his recording equipment, and recording space.

Our plan is to create an episode every two to two-and-a-half weeks.  Since we're new at this, we might not be able to keep to this schedule, but we'll try our as hard as we can to get you episodes on a regular basis.

If you have a question, suggestion, or general comment about the podcast, please post them to the new podcast section of our message board.

2013 Podcast

So far this year has been a very busy one for our staff and as a result we have not had as many podcasts as we would like. We are going to try to resolve this in June and get them out monthly.

2012 Podcast

We had a gap in releases from March - June due to the podcast editor working like mad on the website. Material was recorded, it just needs to be edited for release. Now that the website project is nearly complete, some crazy editing will be done so we can get the files up for your enjoyment.

Podcast Topics

Want to suggest a topic for us to talk about, have a question or just want to comment, visit the podcast section on the message boards and post away.

Contact info: