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Advertising and Sponsors

Information Kit

If you are interested in advertising, sponsoring, or just want information about Anime Banzai, you can request a physical media/press kit to be mailed to you by contacting Mindy Trim at

Or you can download a PDF of our information booklet here.

Have a question about Advertising or Public Relations?
For specific Advertising or PR questions, please send an email to our head of Advertising/PR, Chris Allen, at

Looking to help Sponsor the convention or an event?
To learn more about Sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to our Company Contact, Mindy Trim, at

Other Advertising Opportunities
Options are available for advertising in other areas around the convention, and we are actively soliciting support. Anime Banzai will consider sponsorships from companies interested in supporting the convention in return for targeted exposure. These possibilities are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Chris Allen at


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