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Staffing and Volunteer Opportunities

Anime Banzai is always in need of Volunteers: - Before, during, and after the Convention. From Security, to Set-up/Tear-down, to room-minders and committee members, we welcome anyone who feels like they have something to contribute to improve Anime Banzai for its attendees. Anime Banzai is completely operated by volunteers; if you would like to see changes made, the best way is to help! Planning meetings are a good place to talk to representatives of various committees and see who needs help.

Those who volunteer enough hours can earn a free entry to next year's convention! (We ask that if you plan to do this, please go ahead and create a dashboard account. This makes it easier to keep track of who' s who.)

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Company Contact and Advertising
Video Gaming Room
2013 Anime Banzai Staff List

General Volunteers

If you'd like to be a general Volunteer or join the convention staff, please contact Noelle Jones, our Volunteer Coordinator, at Volunteer general rules and guidelines will be up shortly.

Security Volunteers

If you'd like to act as a Security or Medical volunteer at our convention you can contact Stephen Jones (aka P-chan), our Security Coordinator at Again, general rules and guidelines will be up on this page soon.

Registration Volunteers

Anime Banzai's registration committee needs volunteers to help run the registration table. Right now we have about eight people volunteering for the table, and we need at least double that.

We need volunteers who are willing to work in four or eight hour blocks helping attendees register for the convention. During Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th 2013. This is a great way to help the convention in one of our most important jobs, and earn volunteer hours at the convention.

Contact our registration committee at or our volunteers coordinator at with "Registration Volunteer" in the subject line. Thanks!

Event Volunteers

There are currently several events & locations which need extra volunteers. Check the event to see if help is needed and for more info.

Cosplay Volunteers

The positions below are just one to two line summaries. If you are interested in a job, we will send out an actual agreement with the full description, terms and conditions, etc.

We need:

Security Ninjas: All Security Ninjas are actually appointed by P-chan (Head Security Ninja). If you are an interested Security Ninja you can request assignment to one of the many Cosplay-related security posts. It's a time commitment of 1-5 hours depending on which post you ask for.

Judges Minions: This may be one or two people as we need a Judges Minion for two different time slots. The Judges Minion assists the Judges with paperwork, getting water and pencils, that kind of thing. It's a time commitment of 3-4 hours for each slot.

Volunteers: We need lots of these. Some helping with check-in, some in the Green Room, right before the Cosplayers go on stage, right after they get off the stage, making sure they're ok and have enough water, etc. This is a time commitment of 1-4 hours depending on the post you ask for.

Ushers: We need about five of these. This is one of the few spots with an extra benefit. Ushers will help seat the audience for the Cosplay Contest, and help direct traffic after the contest is over... but in between those duties you have a guaranteed seat for the contest. The time commitment is about 4 hours.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have questions, please contact Cosplay Head Aleatha Leader at or PM me here.

Thank you for your interest, and feel free to pass the word that we're looking for reliable people to help make Cosplay/Craftsmanship a great event for participants and spectators.

Company Contact and Advertising Committee Volunteers

Want to help Anime Banzai grow? We are looking for creative, dependable, self motivated (we are not here to baby sit) people to help market and promote Banzai!

Area Representatives: We need people with local knowledge and ins with local companies, clubs, etc. We need one or two people from both Layton/Ogden area, and Orem/Provo. We need professional, self-motivated individuals to generate leads for possible convention sponsors.  

Account Managers: (These spots will be available depending on the work load of our area reps.) These folks would manage and maintain our relationship with local companies prior to, during and after the convention. Meaning if companies have questions or concerns, you would address and find solutions. You would act as a conduit to the rest of the convention staff.

Flier/Poster minions: This year we are planning on distributing several waves of promotional materials. We need people from all areas of the state, who we can count on to put out our flyers and posters.

Students! We are in desperate need of students that are currently attending the various colleges, and high schools, that can get our posters and flyers approved for distribution. We would also need for you to actively find ways to help promote our event at your school, such as various other club partnerships, school festivals, art shows and so on.

Please email or or if you think you can help!

Video Gaming Room - Tournament Staff

Anime Banzai is looking for knowledgeable gamers to help run tournaments in the gaming room. If you are familiar with a wide variety of video games, consoles, and console hardware and would be interested in helping, please contact for more information. Volunteers will need to supervise the tournament gameplay, organize sign-ups and competition brackets (if applicable) and enforce the rules to assure fairness.

Medical Volunteers

find the sign up at

Other Volunteers and Ideas

If you have any other way you think you can contribute, contact our Convention Heads at This includes committees you might want to be a part of , or any ideas you might have to help us out.

2013 Anime Banzai Staff List

All staff must complete a Staff Form and submit it to a Director or Coordinator.


Title Name Forum Name
Executive Director Jose Cruz-Rojas -
Convention Director Cheri Allen Ninja Squirrel


Title Name Forum Name
Administration Coordinator Trisha Byrd -
Commercial Coordinator Kim Hessing -
Design Coordinator Adam Bates DevilTenchi
Human Resources Coordinator Tyla Sprouse -
Programming Coordinator Chris Allen Ninja Squirrel


Title Name Forum Name
Advertising Director Will Young -
AMV Director Joe Housekeeper -
Art Show Director Meghan Smith -
Artist Alley Director Kimberly Galbraith Squishy_Ninja
Building Director Jack Byrd -
Card Gaming Director John Saffell CrimsonOtaku
Cosplay Director Aleatha Leader Aleatha
Equipment Director Michael Dupaix -
Events Director Linda Young washu14
Exhibit Hall Director Linda Young washu14
Finance Director Kim Hessing -
Graphic Design Director Matthew Loftus -
Guest Director Grant Bradbury -
Information Director Joe Monson nihon
Medical Director Michael Ricks -
Merchandise Director Jason Workman -
Panels Director Sara Cruz-Rojas Mellina
Printing Director Adam Bates DevilTenchi
Security Director Stephen Jones p-chan
Social Media Director Angela McKee -
Sponsorship Director Mindy Trim -
Staff Lounge Director Aaron Gordon -
Video Gaming Director H. Robby Nevarez-Galaviz -
Viewing Room Director Daniel Bentley PrimarchBentley
Volunteer Director Noelle Jones No-Chan
Website Director Adam Bates DevilTenchi
Website Programming Director Landon Mann -

All support staff and assistants, please contact your Director with a completed Staff Form for website listing.

Help Needed

As we expand our staff to better serve the needs of our attendees and guests, we'll need to recruit more people to help staff different departments during the convention.

When we have positions that we need help with, we'll post them here. If you want to get involved before we have an opening, send an email to