Anime Banzai 2015 Date

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What is Anime Banzai?
Anime Banzai is an educational convention focusing on Japanese anime (animation), manga (comics) and culture. Anime Banzai is sponsored by Utah Anime Promotions, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing the culture, art and fun of Japan to Utah. In 2005, the first Anime Banzai was held and hosted 600 attendees, which was double what we had planned for. In 2014, we had around 5000+ fans join us, and we're looking to have another exciting year in 2015!

The goal of Anime Banzai is to bring an event to Utah where fans can come together to celebrate Japan and Japanese Culture in a fun, safe, family-friendly atmosphere. To that end, we hold our convention three days each year with panels, events, and contests that will let fans enjoy their favorite aspects of Anime and Japanese popular culture.

2016 Mascot Contest Rules are up. - Click here to find out more.
Cosplay and Mascot contest rules have been updated.

Writing Contest Rules are up. - The writing contest rules and entry forms are finally available online. Click here to see them.

Upcoming Events
Sep 5, 2015 
Video Game Night - Kafeneio Coffeehouse at 6:00 PM
Anime Banzai and Beat Gamers are hosting a night of video gaming. Join us for a night of classic video gaming from many different systems like Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Wii-U, and some other awesome games – including DDR.

Want to help Anime Banzai happen?
We are always looking for help when it comes to making Anime Banzai bigger and better. We encourage the public to attend our planning meetings and help us out. We have many different committees with a huge array of different tasks and responsibilities. So come check things out, and let us know if you're interested in helping so we can find the right opportunity for you!

Anime Banzai Planning Meetings

Salt Lake City Main Library
210 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
(Unless otherwise noted)

08/01/2015 • Conference Room B
08/15/2015 • Conference Room B
09/05/2015 • Conference Room B
09/19/2015 • Conference Room B
10/03/2015 • Conference Room B
10/10/2015 • TBD

In order to get to Conference Room B, you need to travel down the stairs before the main entrance to the actual first floor library, in the outer foyer.


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