Anime Banzai wants every attendee to have a good time. We strive to keep the convention family friendly, so fans of all ages can enjoy themselves. Following the rules will help keep everyone involved safe and happy, and will help you make the most of your Anime Banzai experience. Be aware that anyone found violating any of these rules may be expelled from the convention without a refund, future temporary or permanent suspension from all Anime Banzai conventions and related events and subject to further actions up to and including legal recourse.



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Please keep your badge visible and be prepared to show it for access to convention space and events.  It identifies you as a paid attendee of Anime Banzai. Keep track of your badge. If you lose your badge you may purchase a new one at a discounted rate.  Violation of any rules and regulations set forth by Anime Banzai could result in the loss of your badge and expulsion from the convention without refund.

Any attempts to defraud Anime Banzai registration or attendance policies either before, during, or after the convention will be pursued to the fullest extent.

The Davis County Convention Center prohibits all animals on its campus. This includes therapy or anxiety pets. Only  Service animals as defined by the ADA and trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability, through a specific action, are welcome at Anime Banzai. The handler is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her service animal. If the animal is found to be disruptive or behaving in an unacceptable way, without action from its handler, Anime Banzai reserves the right to ask that the animal be removed. Under the guidelines of the ADA, we require that all service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered at all times unless this affects the animal’s ability to perform their required task. If you encounter an individual with a service animal, do not pet the animal. Petting a service animal may distract it from its duties. Whether or not to dress a service animal in costume is at the discretion of the handler.

No running, climbing, or other horseplay that could potentially result in harm to yourself, others, or property is not allowed.  The staff would prefer not to have to call for an ambulance. Please be careful and don’t do anything that might cause you or another convention attendee to get hurt.  We don’t want anyone ending up in the hospital.

No roller skates, bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, Segways, Hover-boards, and wheeled shoes such as Heelys, etc. inside the convention center. You may carry these items as a prop, but you may not ride them at any time in the convention center.

No outside food or beverages of any kind can be brought into the Davis Conference Center by any guests, invitees, or attendees.  Due to health code violations, food or beverage purchased through the Davis Conference Center food service is not allowed to be taken off the property. The Davis Conference Center will be providing concessions during the convention.  There are a lot of places to eat in the immediate area surrounding the conference center so there won’t be a shortage of food choices. The only exception made to this rule is for vendors in the Dealer’s Room selling specialty imported, prepackaged drinks and snacks.

Our goal at Anime Banzai is to provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all our attendees. Our policy on alcohol reflects this goal. Our policy is no alcohol will be permitted to enter the convention center. The Fahrenheit Lounge inside the Hilton Garden does serve alcohol but disruptions or blatant showings of impaired functions and reasoning due to intoxication will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave. If you try to enter the convention center intoxicated you will be denied entry, you could  and the authorities could be informed of the public intoxication. Please be aware that public intoxication is an arrestable offense.

Anime Banzai has an absolutely ZERO tolerance policy on the use or abuse of illegal substances in or around the convention space.  Violation of our alcohol and drug policies will result in the loss of your badge, expulsion from the convention and the reporting of the incident to the proper law enforcement agency.

Anime Banzai takes any harassment very seriously and it will not be tolerated in any form. “No” means “no”, “stop” means “stop” and “go away” means “go away.”   Harassment is any behavior that seriously annoys or alarms another person.  This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted physical contact, following someone in a public area, verbal assaults, any and all unwanted sexual behavior, or threatening physical violence.  An offender may lose their badge, be expelled from the convention and have the matter reported to the proper law enforcement agency.

Remember that harassment is defined by the victim.  Actions or comments that you may not consider offensive could be taken differently by others. Please be aware that your actions might make someone feel uncomfortable. If you are asked to leave them alone please respect their wishes.

If someone is harassing you and does not respect these simple rules, contact a member of the Anime Banzai staff immediately.  Banzai staff and security have the right to remove an attendee’s badge for not following these rules and may eject a person from the convention. All attendees have the right to feel safe at the convention.


Artwork by Mocha Ink

Kiriche -Ban

Artwork by Kiriche

Listen to and respect the staff of Anime Banzai.  Without the staff, volunteers and security, Anime Banzai wouldn’t exist.  If a staff member asks you to do (or not do) something, please comply. There may be times in between panels and events that the room needs to be cleared to take care of setup for the next thing on the schedule.  If you are asked by a staff member to vacate a room, keep the hallways clear or any other number of requests, please do so. If an attendee of Anime Banzai is found to be blatantly disrespecting or disregarding the requests of the staff, volunteers or security, they may have their badge removed and be expelled from the convention with no refund.

If you have a complaint regarding a member of Anime Banzai staff or volunteer, please request to speak to a Department or Convention Head at either the Security Room or Information Booth.  We will try to address your concerns in a timely manner.

The Guests at the Anime Banzai Convention have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend our convention.  Please respect them and their personal space.  There are special panels set aside for you to meet the Guests, ask them questions, and to get autographs.  Please limit your items for autographing to one item per person per Guest.

If you see a Guest walking down the hall, please don’t bother them.  They have somewhere they need to be and they want to get there.  It is okay, however, to call out to the Guests with a “Good day to you!” or “I appreciate the work you do!”.  If for some reason you don’t care for the work they do, you don’t have to tell them that.  That is just rude.

No glomping of Guests allowed at any time.  The Guests will have a Security Guard and/or Guest Liaison with them at all times.  If the Guest or Guard asks you to leave, please do so.  No stalking the Guests!  If you want to talk to the Guests or get an autograph, that’s what the special panels and autograph sessions are for.

If complaints are received from Guests about an attendee’s behavior towards them, that attendee may be expelled from the Anime Banzai Convention without a refund.

The Davis Conference Center and Hilton Garden Inn Layton is courteous enough to allow us to hold our event at their hotel and convention space.  We are their guests, so remember to act as such. Please be aware of any rules or guidelines the Hilton Garden Inn and Davis County Conference Center have over and above the rules for Anime Banzai guidelines.

Keep clear of areas marked “Staff Only” or “Employees Only.” Use regular doors for entrances and exits. Do not overpack the elevator.

Damage to any hotel property, Improper behavior or rudeness towards the hotel staff may jeopardize any future opportunities with the Davis Conference Center and other area hotels and convention space.  If complaints are received from the hotel staff about the behavior of an attendee that person (or persons) may be expelled from the Anime Banzai convention without a refund. Any and all liability will be assumed by the attendee for any damage they may cause while at the convention or hotel.

Although Anime Banzai is using a large portion of the Hilton Garden Inn Layton hotel and convention space, please keep in mind that there are other guests staying at the hotel that are not involved with Anime Banzai.

Offending the other hotel guests is inappropriate.  What you may consider acceptable behavior may not be the same for others.  Be considerate and well behaved. Impress them with how much enthusiasm we have for our fandom, but please don’t be a nuisance.  Consideration of others is a trait of a mature individual. We may not be able to control how others treat us, but we can control how we treat them.

You’re here to have a good time and to make the most of your Anime Banzai experience.  Remember that other attendees want to do the same. These are a few simple rules you can follow to help insure that everyone has a great time.

Ask Before Committing Glomping – A glomp lies somewhere in the gray area between a caring embrace and a flying leap to tackle someone.  There have been cosplayers that have been freaked out and/or injured by random fans glomping them. Remember that not only is it an invasion of personal space, but it might damage the costume, or worse, injure the cosplayer and/or fan.  So ask first!

Ask Before Touching – Some people might see something shiny, fluffy or well made and feel the urge to touch it.  Some props and costumes can be very fragile and/or expensive and some cosplayers don’t want others handling it besides themselves.  Asking is the polite thing to do.

Mind Your Props – It can be very annoying to be walking behind someone and their sword is hitting you in the leg.  Or when someone turns around suddenly and you’re hit in the face by their wings. So be mindful of the placement of your props.  Being careless could result in damage to your prop or even to another attendee. There are strict rules set by security regarding hall costumes so be sure to follow them.  If we get prop complaints or a member of staff deems your prop unsafe, you will be asked to remove it.

Step Aside! – Even though the Davis Conference Center and Hilton Garden Inn Layton is a much larger space than our previous years, what space there is is needed.  If you need to take a picture of someone or discuss something move to an empty lobby, empty hallway or outside. Keep the traffic in the hallways moving.

This is a family friendly convention and as such there are certain dress codes and procedures regarding dress code.  THESE APPLY TO REGULAR CLOTHING AS WELL AS COSTUMES.  Clothing, exposed body art or tattoos, etc. may not display profanity or nudity.

Anime Banzai reserves the right to determine whether or not your costume is appropriate.  If your costume is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to change. Failure to comply will result in being expelled from the convention.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.  This one is the hotel’s rule. All attendees must wear shoes.  This is a health and safety concern. No exceptions. Consider flip-flops or sandals if your character doesn’t wear shoes.  Also consider your toes. Some people can’t see your feet.

Costumes that may be confused with local law enforcement or other emergency response personnel uniforms are not permitted.

Unsealed makeup is a risk not only to your costume but also to everybody around you and the convention space.  If we notice that your makeup isn’t properly sealed, and is rubbing off onto other convention attendees or property, you will be asked to remove it.

All attendees must follow the rule that your clothing cannot be ill fitting or in a state of disrepair that might cause problems staying decent. This includes but is not limited to accidents involving any wardrobe malfunctions, slipping out of, or any indecent exposure. Clothing and costumes should be tailored or designed to fit with your body without any risk of malfunctions. 

Public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or (female) breasts is not permitted.  Please keep in mind the constraints of local laws and customs concerning public decency.  All attendees should be wearing at least the equivalent of a non-thong swimsuit (70% Coverage of (female) breast and buttocks). No ‘strategically placed’ duct tape, liquid latex, body paint etc. will be allowed. Sturdy properly fitting costumes are required.  

Anything that protrudes from the costume (wings, armor, etc.) must be no more than 24 inches out from the body, and preferably easily removable.  Anything larger than this will cause obstructions in the hallway, possibly cause damage/injury and simply won’t fit through the doors. Anime Banzai reserves the right to request that any costumes, clothing or props that may cause obstructions, damage or injury be altered or removed.

Any spikes or edges must NOT be sharp.  We don’t want to accidentally stab or cut anyone.  Metal parts are allowed, but not preferred. If you absolutely must use metal, make sure that there are no sharp edges or points anywhere on it.

Prop weapons may be carried during the convention provided you follow these rules set forth by Anime Banzai.  “Prop Weapons” are homemade or commercially rendered costume props that support the overall look of a costume or character.  All weapons and/or props must be checked for safety and peace bonded by security in the Security/Medical room.

Any weapons/props that are found to be unsafe will not be allowed at the convention. You will need to remove the props or costumes that are not allowed in or we will hold them for you in our Security/Medical room for the remainder of the day.  Metal weapons are allowed, however, they must not have any sharp edges or points. If you cannot easily lift and carry it with one hand, then it is simply too big.

NO REAL GUNS, not even ones that no longer function (a.k.a. demilled).  Realistic looking toy/model guns will be allowed as long as they are clearly marked with orange on the barrel.  Any airsoft or bb gun must be gutted out or have the barrel permanently sealed. (Tape isn’t enough. Strong glue is acceptable.)

Bows are allowed but must be loosely strung and unable to fire a projectile.

All Props/Weapons must conform to state and federal law.

Any weapon or prop may be disallowed at any time at the discretion of con staff.

Due to the potential damage to property, filled water guns, bubble guns, silly string and the like are prohibited in public areas of the hotel or convention space.

Persons Who Carry Or Otherwise Bring Prop Weapons, Futuristic Replicas, Or Similar Items Do So At Their Own, Sole, And Absolute Risk, And Assume All Risks Of Liability, Harm, Damage, Or Loss To Any Person Or Property Injured Or Otherwise Harmed, Intentionally Or Accidentally, Directly Or Indirectly By Such Items Or The Person Carrying Them.  Utah Anime Promotions Is And Shall Not Be Liable For Any Injury, Harm, Damage, Or Other Risk Or Liability Associated With Any Person’s Use Of Any Weapon, Replica, Or Prop, Whether Permitted Or Banned Hereunder, At Anime Banzai. In No Event Shall Anime Banzai, Utah Anime Promotions And Its Affiliates And Subsidiaries, Or The Davis Conference Center And Hilton Garden Inn Layton Hotel And Convention Space Have Any Liability For Any Incidental, Consequential, Special Or Exemplary Damages Hereunder, Even If Informed Of The Possibility Of Same.

Kiriche -Sai

Artwork by Kiriche



Stacy Syndergaard -Sai

Artwork by Stacy Syndergaard

Anime Banzai has a few main areas where merchandise is sold – the Dealer’s Room, Artist’s Alley and the Art Show.  Anyone who receives payment for goods in the convention space must comply with all the convention’s rules regarding this.  Each area where goods are available for sale have rules and contracts that must be signed. Nothing is allowed to be sold anywhere other than the designated areas by signed contract holders.

Anime Banzai takes its obligations in this area very seriously.  Any solicitation, whether verbally or using signage, for monetary payment or exchange of services at the convention that does not comply with these restrictions may result in the offender losing their badge, the requirement to return all payments and expulsion from the convention area.

Some examples of solicitation or sale that are prohibited are musicians requesting tips, setting up artwork for sale in the hotel lobby or in the halls and passing out signs or cards to people soliciting their business in areas other than the aforementioned commerce areas.  Attempts to circumvent any of these rules such as throwing money and merchandise on the ground and other such tactics are also prohibited.

All signs are prohibited, this includes, but is not limited to, “hentai”, “yaoi”, “yuri” paddles, picket signs and banners, unless approved for specific use by Anime Banzai.  This is to protect Anime Banzai’s policy against solicitation and to help maintain a safe convention. Signs offering favors for sale such as kisses, hugs, dates, gropes, spankings, etc. are strictly prohibited as they may be viewed as forms of prostitution.  We understand that signs may be part of certain costumes, but cosplay is not an exception from the prohibition. If your costume does include a sign as a prop, bring a picture of the character with the sign to the Security/Medical and Anime Banzai will determine if the sign is allowed and will peace bond it.  Unapproved signs will be confiscated and/or destroyed. Repeat offenses may lead to you being expelled from the convention.

There are going to be a lot of people in an enclosed space, as such there is going to be a lot of noise.  Anime Banzai wants to limit unnecessary noise as much as possible, but still wants to have a fun atmosphere. To facilitate the fun and enjoyable atmosphere we limit and restrict the use of any noise makers or instruments into the convention(air-horns, megaphones, vuvuzelas, etc.).

You may wait in line to get into a large event. Please follow staff and volunteer instruction about where a line may be located. Do not line-up more than 45 minutes before an event may happen. This is so that our other events may be able to run their events without any concern or problem.

No camping in the convention areas of the hotel! You will be asked to go to your hotel room if you are caught “camping”. If you do not have a room, you will either be escorted to the front desk to get a room or escorted to leave. Please do not sleep in your car as this is very dangerous!

Anime Banzai wants you to have great memories from your convention experience.  Photographs and video footage by attendees are generally allowed in all common areas of the convention with the exception of the Art Show, Artist Alley and signed areas or events/panels.

Specific rules and restrictions regarding video, audio and photography apply to certain other events and panels.  Pay attention to signs and announcements regarding restrictions when entering a panel or event. Some of the voice actor guests may not want to be recorded as their voice is how they make their living.

When photographing or videotaping individuals or costumes, use common courtesy and ask BEFORE photographing and/or videotaping them.  We ask any attendees of Anime Banzai to be courteous to those they wish to take pictures or video of, especially if you wish to place those pictures or video clips onto a personal web page or similar Internet archive. In this case, please ask your subjects for their explicit permission to post their image or video.  Please respect their rights if they do not wish to be photographed or recorded. If someone asks or otherwise indicates that they do not wish to be photographed or recorded, DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH OR RECORD THEM.  Please also identify all images, sound bites and clips of Anime Banzai events as Anime Banzai events.

Photography or videotaping of Anime Banzai events, staff or attendees for the purpose of sale or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained from Anime Banzai.  Attendees should also be aware that footage of the convention and attendees is gathered by staff members, including public areas, events and panels and may be used in a highlight tape, marketing endeavor or other use.  By attending Anime Banzai you are consenting to be filmed or photographed by Anime Banzai staff or approved media or industry during the Anime Banzai event without compensation to you. Your attendance to any Anime Banzai event, including the convention, constitutes a grant of rights to Anime Banzai to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from and otherwise use any footage of parts of the footage that it affixes in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including the Internet, broadcast, satellite and other transmissions.

These rules apply to all attendees (exhibitors, guests, press or any level of regular convention attendee).  All members of the press are required to get pre-approval from Anime Banzai before photographing, videotaping, recording or interviewing staff, guests or attendees.

Over the last couple of years, Ribbons have made an appearance at the Anime Banzai Convention. Because of this we have been asked to define the rules for this attendee-run game. To make if fun for all of those who would like to participate, we ask that everyone read the rules and follow them so all attendees playing do not feel left out or slighted.

  1. Is the Ribbon Game an official Anime Banzai game? No, neither Anime Banzai nor Utah Anime Promotions sponsor this event with the ribbons. They are strictly attendee-run. Some panels and events may have them, but that is the choice of the person running such panels and events.
  2. DO NOT block the hallways! Please move to the side when passing out your ribbons.
  3. PLEASE throw your strips of papers left over from your ribbons in the garbage. It is greatly appreciated. We do not want to make others pick up your trash.
  4. Do not make a dangerous challenge. Challenges to gain your ribbon are okay, but please make sure they are safe for all to do.
  5. Challenges are made up by the attendees who have personally bought those ribbons with their own money to give out at the convention at their discretion.


IN CONSIDERATION OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES OF ANIME BANZAI, I HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge Utah Anime Promotions and Anime Banzai (collectively, “ANIME BANZAI”), AND the DAVIS CONFERENCE CENTER and HILTON GARDEN INN LAYTON, the CITY OF LAYTON and their agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors, volunteers, contractors, managers, sponsors, funders, venues, attendees, and assigns (”RELEASED PARTIES”) OF AND FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, attorneys’ fees, costs of prosecution or defense, damages and liabilities of every kind and nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that I ever had or may have, INCLUDING INJURY TO MY PERSON OR PROPERTY and acts or omissions by third parties, ARISING FROM or in any way related to MY PARTICIPATION IN any of the events or activities conducted by or on the premises of ANIME BANZAI. This waiver of liability does not apply to any acts of gross negligence, or intentional, willful or wanton misconduct on the part of any released party.

Mecha Style art of Ban

Artwork by Stacy Syndergaard

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